NativeScript is how you build truly native mobile applications with Angular

Use the same Angular you already know and love to create beautiful cross-platform truly native mobile applications with full support for your favorite libraries on npm and CocoaPods. With access to 100% of all native platform APIs via TypeScript (or modern Javascript), you never have to write a line of Java/Swift or Objective-C. Ever.

We've put together a handy tutorial to get you started.

More about NativeScript and Angular


What is NativeScript?

Framework for building native iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and CSS.


What is Angular?

One of the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks for application development.


Why bringing them together?

We believe that if a developer knows JavaScript, then they know enough to build real world applications that should not be limited to just the web. Angular is fully de-coupled from browser APIs. That makes it possible for us to plug the NativeScript rendering engine in and leave the browser out. This means that it is now possible to build applications that run on the web, and as a native mobile application.

Getting started with NativeScript and Angular is easy.

Make sure your system has the prerequisites installed and then run the following command.

npm install -g nativescript

Our tutorial lays it all out for you.

Test drive NativeScript on your device


Examples NativeScript

Architecture: NativeScript Core

The “Examples NativeScript” sample shows how to build rich animations, as well as powerful graphs, charts, and lists with the NativeScript framework. This is a great reference app for those who prefer NativeScript Core architectures (non-Angular).

The robust set of animations are all implemented in pure CSS. The graphs, charts, and lists are implemented with NativeScript® UI, available in both free and paid editions.

This app is built with TypeScript. Each screen has a menu with options to view additional information about the screen as well as view the source code.

NativeScript is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
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