Another Vue of NativeScript

NativeScript-Vue has come a looooong way in two years! 🚗🛣️

Since Igor Randjelovic first looked at extending NativeScript beyond Angular and JavaScript, we've gone from putting a native <Label> element on a mobile device to the NativeScript core team offering official support of Vue.js.

But there is more to be told!

vue code sharing 

Join us on Thursday, April 25th at 11:00 AM ET as we look at "Another Vue of NativeScript"! This free online webinar will dive into a variety of NativeScript-Vue updates and improvements including:

  • Building for iOS, Android, and Web from a single shared codebase;
  • Integrating the new Vue.js CLI plugin;
  • The recently out-of-beta Hot Module Replacement;
  • Some newly uncovered routing options;
  • The latest NativeScript 5.x updates;
  • TypeScript support...and plenty more.

Reserve your seat for the webinar now (hey, we may even have some surprise announcements about NativeScript 6.0 😮).


Rob Lauer


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