Book: Getting Started with NativeScript

Getting Started With NativeScript Book CoverI’m very pleased to announce the newest NativeScript book “Getting Started with NativeScript” is now published. 

If you prefer eBook or eBook+Print formats, purchase Getting Started with NativeScript at Packt publishing

If you prefer kindle or paperback formats, purchase Getting Started with NativeScript on

The author, Nathanael Anderson, is a prolific contributor to NativeScript, author of several popular NativeScript plugins, as well as a Telerik Developer Expert. 

The book uses a “learn-while-building-an-application” approach. As you progress through the book, you will apply techniques learned in each chapter to actually build a functional application. At the end of the book you’ll:

  • Install and compile your application in NativeScript
  • Get important know-how on the NativeScript project structure
  • Develop and style your screens for multiple platforms
  • Create a full-featured cross-platform communication application
  • Import and use several third-party components
  • Simplify and deal with device resolution and cross-platform issues
  • Test and deploy your application

Update: Additional places to read/purchase this book:

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