Meet Panayot Cankov, November's Featured Engineer

Panayot is a specialist in NativeScript modules. Ask him anything about Legos, too!


What's your role on the NativeScript Team?

I'm a Principal Software Developer for NativeScript Modules

What's your background, professionally?

I have 15 years of experience with retained-mode UI frameworks: HTML, JS, Flash, Flex, WPF, Silverlight and now native mobile development.

What challenges have you encountered while working on NativeScript?

Contributing to the runtimes, CLI, modules, plugins and so on is easy. Organizing cross team effort - that's the tricky part!

What is the most rewarding experience you've had while working on the team?

Seeing the smooth and fast truly native UI/UX makes my day. Seeing people develop beautiful apps with our framework - that's what makes me happy.

Tell us something interesting about your personal life!

I love highly competitive games and Legos. I made it as a 'first Lego league' mentor once.

Jen Looper


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