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The NativeScript open source project wouldn't exist today without the help of our vibrant community. From contributing to source code, writing articles, speaking at meetups, to building apps, YOU are what makes NativeScript great!

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    Our community is hard at work on expanding the reach of NativeScript to the Angular, Vue.js, React, and Svelte JavaScript frameworks!
    NativeScript-Angular has been around since the early days of NativeScript. Thanks to numerous contributors, we are actively supporting the very latest from Angular.
    NativeScript-Vue was created by Igor Randjelovic and is now officially supported by the core NativeScript framework! Build native mobile apps with Vue.js.
    NativeScript-React is a new initiative spearheaded by Jamie Birch. You can keep tabs on this exciting project on GitHub.
    NativeScript-Svelte takes advantage of the up-and-coming Svelte framework. Be sure to check out the project website.


    NativeScript plugins allow you to extend your app into every conceivable API provided by iOS and Android. Our community not only creates plugins, but also curates a variety of ways to discover them.

Books & Videos

the nativescript book
The NativeScript Book
Written by NativeScript experts Mike Branstein and Nick Branstein, "The NativeScript Book" guides you through important concepts and shows you how to build apps. Both JavaScript and Angular architectures are covered. You can download this book for free.
nativescript for angular book
NativeScript for Angular Mobile Development
Nathan Walker and Nathanael Anderson have written a book that focuses on how to build a NativeScript app for iOS and Android, using Angular.This book serves as both a reference guide and a valuable tips/tricks handbook. Grab your copy here.
nativescripting logo
Are you a video learner? is your source for a variety of free and paid video courses created by an array of NativeScript community members and run by Alex Ziskind.


    Thanks to our engaged community members, you can find completely free support for NativeScript in a variety of places. And if you need Enterprise Support, well, we are here for you as well.
    • 🙋 Stack Overflow is your first line of defense for NativeScript questions.
    • 🗣️ Slack is where you'll find literally thousands of NativeScript community members discussing questions.
    • 👨‍💻 GitHub is the place to go to submit specific NativeScript issues and bugs.

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