100% Native API Access

NativeScript provides seamless access to iOS and Android APIs with JavaScript.

Get 0-day support for Android and iOS device APIs and spend no time writing wrappers to expose native functionality. Access any native library, anywhere!

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Native Access, Out of the Box

NativeScript allows you to write native expressions directly, with JavaScript or TypeScript. No time is wasted writing boilerplate wrappers around native APIs - allowing you to focus on your business objectives and nothing more.

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0-Day Support for Native APIs

When new versions of Android and iOS are released, any new APIs are immediately available for consuming. There is no need to wait for the NativeScript framework to "catch up".

In this article, TJ VanToll demonstrates the AR capabilities of NativeScript, created right after the release of iOS 11.

Reuse Existing Native Documentation

We certainly don't expect you to know all the native libraries by heart, or to learn any new APIs. With NativeScript you can make use of existing resources for native iOS and Android development.

Discover NativeScript Plugins

Of course, if you don't want to code directly against iOS and Android APIs, you generally don't have to! Discover a wide array of pre-built, open source, NativeScript plugins today on the NativeScript Marketplace.

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