Roadmap & Release Notes

It is always interesting to be part of the product feature prioritization process. We believe that an open source framework, like NativeScript, is best developed by the help from the community. To influence our roadmap and be part of the discussions please visit our RFC topics.

Community Updates

and beyond

Dawning of a more open and exciting future

2020 ushers in a number of exciting possibilities for the framework. Making v8 the official iOS runtime to align both Android and iOS runtimes is a top priority, improvements to the management of all open source surrounding NativeScript providing easier ways to contribute as well as speed up publishing fixes/features to the community. This also brings opportunity to address a wide number of community desires and hopes.

  • v8 iOS runtime will be made official summer 2020
  • More remote cloud building options especially for Windows users to build for iOS
  • Minor point releases more frequently when bugs are fixed (sometimes even daily)
  • Improving the open source management of all the repo’s via monorepo - more efficiently test and build changes against integrated stacks against core modules and runtimes - ultimately bring fixes/features to releases faster
  • Officially scoping all published packages under @nativescript (even runtimes) [Better consistency and visibility]
  • Canvas 2d and WebGL support
  • CLI Improvements for greater control and flexibility in project configuration via nativescript.config.js
  • Revamped and improved Angular integration
  • Complete rewrite for Vue 3 support
  • Docs improvements
  • Making accessibility features first class
  • Broadening the use cases in which NativeScript can be used
  • Simplification and enhancements to the versatility/flexibility of the css/scss core theme by utilizing community standards
  • Submitting NativeScript to OpenJS Foundation
NativeScript is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
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